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Zac's paternal grandfather is definitely Jewish, though his other grandparents are not (his maternal grandmother was married to a Jewish guy for a bit, too, but he wasn't Zac's grandfather). Zac did call himself Jewish in that skit with Seth Rogen for Workaholics. Also, when Joel Stein said that Rogen and Efron are the only two Jews he knows who didn't go to college, Zac said, "exactly".

I read that his paternal grandfather was Jewish on Wikipedia too, but the confirmation that he’s not exactly Jewish was from his current publicist Gina Hoffman after The Jewish Journal called Zac “a gorgeous Jewish boy”, so to me that’s pretty official.

I think he said he’s Jewish in the Workaholics video because it’s totally scripted, he had to say that so they could ask him to show his dick. In the Cinemax video, after Joel Stein calling Zac and Seth Jewish, he soon found Zac’s NOT Jewish in his bet with Ike Barinholtz on if Zac’s Jewish, and Joel said “I feel bad I called him a Jew earlier”.

Edit: Anyways I’m not expert on any aspects of Zac’s life, and I don’t really care about it too much, believe what you think it’s true:)

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Could you pass the vibe to him?

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